Motivating people for donating life saving blood is a Science based on Art. During the last 30 years West Bengal Voluntary Blood Donors’ Forum using the technique and style for motivating people in different ways. All these ways are based on communication. 25 years before the only method for motivating people on Voluntary Blood Donating was one to one, face to face discussion like Lord Krishna motivated Arjun to fight in Kurukshetra War. During the last one decade the communication in the health arena specially for augmentation of Voluntary Blood Donation programme is based on media campaign, IEC campaign, Seminar, Conferences, Symposi etc. In the 21st Century whole world has reached to our one finger tip for us. Computer, Internet became the fastest medium of communication in the world to convey our massage for social change for the man kind. Voluntary Blood Donation movement of whole world is now available in the Website, Internet, Twiter on Facebook.

Success story of our media campaign like Radio programme (AIR) for consecutive 12 years and TV programme for 8 years make a difference for reaching the target group for augmentation of Voluntary Blood Donation in the State of West Bengal. West Bengal became model of all states of India in this field. On the remarkable World Health Day 7th, April, 2011, we are reaching to whole world with the help of one finger tip and Our activities will be easily available to all of our colleagues all over the country and abroad. Our valuable viewers can  communicate us for their query and requirements if any in this field. We are eagerly waiting your feed back and we assure our feedback at all times.

Apurba Ghosh
General Secretary
Ex-Chair Person, Augmentation of Voluntary Blood Programme
NACO, Govt. of India
Ex-Member, National Blood Transfusion Council
NACO, Govt. of India
Secretary General, Federation of Blood Donor Organizations of India
Ex-Member, State Blood Transfusion Council, West Bengal
Member, Technical Resource Group on VBD, NACO, Govt. of India