Raktadan Bhavan

Since 1977-1999 there was no space for office work for voluntary blood donation movement. My house was only place for work. On the 1st day of 2000 Raktadan Bhavan became the place for work for Voluntary Blood Donation.

It is admitted that West Bengal has successfully played a pivotal role in strengthening the Voluntary Blood Donation Movement in India and the State has become the Number One in this sphere in the country. The blood donation programme has taken the shape of a mass movement in West Bengal today. There are many reasons behind this rate of success and the credit for this should go to the voluntary organizations engaged in blood donation work. The scientific methods of teaching in blood donation motivation classes and catering of new information and effective guidelines have added a new dimension to this humanitarian social programme. A sophisticated research centre on NRVBD is very much needed to highlight the importance of blood transfusion and voluntary blood donation movements. It is also essential for meeting the total demand of blood in the state and for developing the infrastructure of blood banks. Such a centre is also a must for stopping trading in blood and bringing into the limelight the human value of donating blood-the precious gift of life.

The West Bengal Voluntary Blood Donors Forum is proud to have its own building, Raktadan Bhavan (2500sq.ft.),on the busiest road of Barasat,Kolkata,West Bengal. The very name Raktadan Bhavan indicates various humanitarian activities of the West Bengal Voluntary Blood Donors Forum in the field of voluntary blood donation in the country. The forum workers have amply proved their deep dedication in involving people in voluntary blood donation work. An entry into Raktadan Bhavan will bring before the eyes of a visitor a vivid picture of the Forums diversified activities in the arena of voluntary blood donation.

There is an IEC library which has a good number of books, CDs, VCDs on blood and a collection of IEC materials, arrangements for showing technical devices on blood transfusion, all of which will surely receive appreciation from any visitor. There is also a neatly planned auditorium where seminars on blood donation and blood science and training on donor motivation and blood safety are held. Persons interested in voluntary blood donation, organizers of blood donation camps and social workers associated with blood donation movements can receive advice, guidance and proper training on NRVBDS blood science from the organization at Raktadan Bhavan absolutely free of cost. Stalwarts of the voluntary blood donation movement from all states of India have visited the Bhavan and appreciated the organizations work.Raktadan Bhavan is now the central office of the Federation of Blood Donor Organizations of India, a newly formed national organization of voluntary blood donors of India, Blood is Life, the radiant truth, has found be fitting expressions in every corner of Raktadan Bhavan where dedicated persons render their voluntary service for a human cause without any remuneration. Raktadan Bhavan becomes national centre for research for Blood Donor Recruitment, Motivation & Retention.

Dedicated forums worker sharing love of labour